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Find your centre. Honour your soul.




About Me

Find your centre. Honour your soul.

Having found my practice during my doctoral studies, I have found yoga to be a grounding tool to find calmness in an urban jungle. I think it is important to strike a balance between guiding students through poses and encouraging them to playfully find their edge while honouring their bodies.

I enjoy weaving yoga philosophy into the understanding of the practice to challenges students both mentally and physically. I strongly feel that yoga is an environment where we get to explore all angles of self - physical, mental emotional and spiritual – to fully nourish our minds and souls.

200 Hours Ashtanga-Vinyasa YTT & 60 Hours Yin Yoga YTT

In Training - 85 Hours Prenatal Yoga & 20 Hours Postnatal Yoga

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Classes & Teaching

Let's breathe together on the mat


Yang & Yin (75 min)


Private & Group Sessions

Find your alignment & Pay it forward

I also welcome private sessions, as a group or individuals. Private sessions are ideal to work through personal goals, explore your own body or clear misconceptions. Alignment cues and directions in studio classes may not be suitable for everyone. Yoga encourages the understanding of the self, and go beyond making pretty shapes to understand what suits your body & mind in any given moment. Please get in touch to discuss details and suitable times.

Mondays 6pm-7:15pm GMT @ Kanga Studio UK

This series blends the traditional, dynamic yang yoga with the slow-paced yin practice. In line with Eastern philosophy, it is believed that yin and yang complement each other providing active and passive movements to encourage balance. Each class will start with a yang (power vinyasa) flow - building heat and strength. This is then followed by yin yoga postures that are held for 3-5 minutes to work the connective tissues (ie ligaments & myofascia) while allowing for a deeper calming of the nervous system. 

Organised as 6-week courses, each course will journey through yogic philosophy, our body and minds (e.g. The Chakra System, Yamas, Niyamahs). Drop-ins welcome once course begins.


"Be where you are, not where you think you should be."